Women Held As Slaves For 30 Years

Three women have been saved from a life of slavery. The 3 women were rescued by police from an address in Lambeth were they were kept as slaves for about 30 years.

The mind boggles at some of the stuff that mankind does. It really does just shock me.

I’m not going to get on about how illegal it is to keep slaves because we all know that I was made illegal about 200 years ago.

The thing is why would you want to keep slaves. Seriously are you that lazy that you don’t want to do anything for yourself. Then hire a chef and a cleaner or are you that twisted that you would keep people in the house like it’s your property.

The slave owners have been arrested so they’re going to go to prison.

30 years as somebodies property is really bad but the fact these people seemed to have lived in the same address for 30 years and the next door neighbours didn’t notice anything. This says a lot about mankind, they didn’t see anything or they couldn’t be bothered to look.

They must have seen the three women come on.

The sad thing it took a charity to help these women. There was a whole community and it took a charity to help get these people out. That’s a really sad point for mankind. It’s a really sad point for the world.

Hopefully these woman will now put there horrible ordeal behind them, try to recover and get reunited with their families. Let’s hope they live a life in peace now.


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