Slave Masters Were Arrested In The 1970s

Detectives investigating the case of 3 women allegedly held as slaves for 30 years say their ‘owners’ were arrested in the 70s. A picture of emotional blackmail and control has been revealed that the police have called a disturbing picture.

There’s a couple of thing that have come out of today’s revelations

1) These women were emotionally abused
2) The people who had kept them had been arrested in the past

Is anybody surprised that these women were abused by there owner. It’s clear that these slave masters were nasty people they kept three women in slavery for 30 years. Yeah they aren’t going to be the type of people who abused people.

I don’t want to make these women’s suffering less important but it’s a bit of a non fact. If they weren’t abused and controlled they would of had the confidence to walk out years ago and go to a charity. You’ve got to act like that to control people.

We then find out the the 2 slave owners were arrested for human trafficking. This doesn’t surprise me either. What does surprise me is that the police hadn’t kept their eyes on these people for years. There were known for trafficking why did it take 30 years for them to actually find a reason to arrest them.

The fact the police didn’t keep an eye on them is just baffling. If the police did then these woman wouldn’t have gone through this ordeal.

This has really shown how bitter and awful people are and how nasty they can be.


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