London Slavery Women Met In A Collective

2 out of the 3 women who were allegedly kept as slaves in London met as part of a collective. The woman had met the man who supposedly kept them as slave through this collective because they shared the same political ideology.

This case is not just getting weird.

I actually felt sorry for them. I thought they had got shipped in from another country and sold to this couple like they did with Africans during the Slave trade. I’m now getting the feeling that they actually walked in to this willingly but with out knowing what they were actually walking in to.

So come I get the feeling that this has something to do with sex as well. Why is there some kind of sexual undertone going through my mind about this story?

Clearly something went wrong.

Something went wrong fro them to become slaves and possibly get raped. Yes I’m starting to thing that as well. This 30 year old English woman must have been born in the house but they’ve registered the birth. Some goodness knows what up with that.

Something really doesn’t sit right on this case and I get the feeling that were going to hear a lot of weird stories coming out this case. I really think the mind will boggle when it’s all done.


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