Eight Dead As Helicopter Crashes In To Glaswegian Club

Eight people have have died when a helicopter crashed in to a pub. The aircraft crashed in a busy Glasgow pub last night at 10.30pm. A further 14 people have been seriously injured and are being treated in Hospital.

This is a sad loss of life and also a bit strange in circumstances of how it happened. This must be a massive loss to the city of Glasgow. People go out for a drink and they tragically die when a Helicopter crashes in to a pub.

If think that there’s a kind of irony about that the Helicopter was owned by the Police.

There’s going to be an investigation because this really shouldn’t of happened. Then there’s going to be an inquest in to this to find out why what happened actually happened. We don’t really need an inquest in to this but we’re going to get one I can feel it.

There is also going to be a check in to the safety of these Aircraft. Actually this I think will be needed because there could actually be a problem. There also very old models because I’ve seen them a lot during my life.

This is a tragic loss and I hope that these people haven’t died in vein. Let’s hope we learn lessons from this.


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