Police Name Four Victims Of The Glasgow Helicopter Crash

Police have named four of the victims of the Helicopter crash on Friday night. The three Police officers and the a one of the five people killed in the pub have had their names revealed by police today.

This must be a horrible day for the police in Glasgow. The fact that they have had to release the names of their friends. I really feel sorry for the person who has had to give that information to the press.

Let’s face it, it must be a horrible weekend for the whole of Glasgow to be honest. It’s going to scar them for a very long time to come. The people in that city will never forget Saturday night.

This weekend however has shown some greatness in humanity. My faith un Humanity has been restored. To here that people in Glasgow have been helping with this disaster. It’s something great to see that people have given up their time to help others.

You know that in other places they would have been ignored.

In such a sad time it’s great to see a city pull together for the good of people that they don’t know and wouldn’t give a second glance any other day. It’s a tribute to Glasgow


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