Osborne To Make Further Spending Cuts

George Osborne will announce a fresh set of spending cut. The Chancellor of the Exchequer will announce that department in Whitehall will have to make further cuts in their budgets when he gives the autumn statement tomorrow in Parliament.

So we’re going to see another round of spending cuts then… oh joy.

I realize that the country really has no money but after 3 years of them cutting everything in sight they must actually have got some by now. I can’t see what good this is going to do in the long run.

I agreed with the spending cuts but now I’m starting to turn away from them. There must be Whitehall departments that have no budget anymore. There must be ministers out there who are looking behind the sofa cushions to find money to spend on their department.

Saying that I’m not a fan of the Labour Policy either.

Let’s borrow our way out of debt doesn’t work. You can’t borrow you way in to financial security. It’s not logical and it doesn’t really make sense to me.

The must be a middle way.

At least the important things like Education and Health isn’t being cut. We actually need money for this. There#s also the fear of getting rid of the NHS which would scare a million people. Granted the Government won’t do that they’re not that stupid.

The left can harp on about working people all they want but the fact is that they screwed up and it’s their mess that the Conservatives are cutting their way out of. For me it’s empty words that should mean nothing to nobody. But I doubt that will be the case.

It’s going to be a statement that will be disliked by many people but it will be the lesser of two evils.


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