Nelson Mandela Dies

Nelson Mandela has died today. The 95 year who was the former president of South Africa and Political activist helped South Africa become a truly democratic state.

This is probably going to be a short one

This is truly the worst type of news that you could hear. Of all the people who have died this year that was ‘known’ this man truly did shape the world that we lived in.

It’s horrible seeing one of your Political idols die. I am a little upset to hear the news. Every other death I’ve done on this blog hasn’t hit me like this. That just show you the power and greatness of the man.

The man was one of the greatest people in modern history and his name will be passed down the ages and he’s going to be a symbol of greatness for hundreds of generations to come.

I’m just a little shock by the news tonight maybe if it was a few months ago I would have been more prepared when I actually thought he was going to die. Nelson Mandela rest in peace.


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