Phone Glitch Causes UK Flights To Be Delayed

A technical glitch has caused chaos at British Airports. A glitch in the Telephone system used by the National Air Traffic Service caused disruption to flights with in the United Kingdom. Thousands of passengers have been effected.

Well done to Air Traffic Control this must be a bit humiliating for you. There’s no doubt that you’re probably going to be haunted by this for a very long time.

So it’s taken them all day to get this problem sorted. I kind of feel sorry for them but it really shouldn’t have happened in the first place. When you’re dealing with an International concern like this you should be on top of it and fixing the problem as soon as it rises it’s head.

This really should of happened anyway. You would think that there would be a department that kept their eye on this. A department that fixed this the moment arises. A glitch in the Telephone system has caused the Air Traffic Control System to crash for a whole day.

Hopefully there won’t be an inquiry in to this.

You have to wonder how much this little boo boo will cost. This must effect the air lines a fair bit. I don’t know what the action is when you have your flight cancelled on you but it must cost the Air line.

Let’s hope that this won’t happen again and the powers that be in charge of that certain department get their act together. It’s a laughing joke.


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