Britain And America Suspend Aid To Syrian Rebels

The US and The UK have suspended non lethal aid to the Syrian Rebels. The aid that had been band has been labeled as non lethal but Humanitarian aid will still make it’s way to rebels in the north of the country.

So we’re now playing childish politics in Syria. This really sounds like we don’t like you, you’ve upset our friends so we’re not going to help you.

Bloody typical

There’s a new alliance in the Syrian Civil War that might actually help the rebels win this Civil War that everybody is afraid to get involved with thanks to Iraq and Afghanistan.

If these people could win this Civil War then it’s time to back them because our current friends don’t seem to be doing that good a job. It’s time to back the new guys even if you don’t support there views.

The West wants an end to this war, Syria wants an end to this war but we won’t hand over weapons because they’re Islamist. What ever happened to the enemy of my enemy. Or does the West just want to see who wins an a back the victor at the end.

I’ve called for Western involvement in Syria for years now and again I am calling for it again. If we can remove the Taliban out of Afghanistan why can’t we help remove the Syrian regime out of Syria.

Ending the Civil War will be good for Syria nad the Countries around it.

Let’s get some sense guys and start supplying more help to the Syrian Rebels and we can end this stupid Civil War.


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