Peter O’Toole Dies Aged 81

Peter O’Toole has died at the age of 81. The British actor who starred in the legendary film Lawrence Of Arabia died on Saturday his agent said.

I’m actually a bit surprised this wasn’t second to the Mandela’s Funeral. Especially with the amount of coverage the Mandela story has got.

A truly legendary actor has died. He will actually go down with the greats of history. You know the ones I mean, Robert De Niro, Humphrey Bogart and Charlie Chaplin to name a couple.

A this point in time we must pay our condolences to his family who are suffering a great loss but the whole acting community is feeling that loss.

David Cameron is has again gushed about a person. He has said that O’Toole was legendary in his favourite film. This just proves how much he was liked across the community and the world.

Rest in peace Mr Peter O’Toole you will be greatly missed not by the film production community but the film going public and the rest of the arts community. You truly were a legend of your time.


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