New Investigation In To Lockerbie

The UK, USA and Libyan government have vowed to work together to reveal the full facts about the Lockerbie that claimed 270 lives.

I thought the Americans had Lockerbie all rapped up as it was the Libyans who were responsible for Lockerbie. The Americans must have changed their minds now that they have a person they like in charge of the country.

How times change and how opinions change when you have your friends in charge of countries instead of an enemy who won’t let you have oil.

It’s great that there is a new investigation in to Lockerbie because there really should be a proper look in to it. We really need to actually need to know the facts as there has been many many faults with the findings. Stuff that really doesn’t add up.

The fact that Britain and America are allowing the Libyans in to this means that they’re not looking to point the finger at Libya. Hopefully they just won’t come up with the same conclusions as before.

They’ll probably point the finger at Al-Qaeda or the Taliban they seem to be the bad guys now and the Americans need to fortify their position of hatred towards the Middle East as people’s like of these wars are waning.

Let’s actually wait and see what happens to the evidence of this case and then we can draw up our own conclusions.


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