Cable Says Migrant Cap Will Not Happen

Business Secretary Vince Cable has said a 75,000 a year migrants caps will not happen. Cable told the BBC that the planned cap was illegal and unimplementable when he was on the Andrew Marr show this morning.

I get the feeling that certain members of the cabinet on the Liberal Democrat side are trying to break up the coalition. I can manage that a lot of people in the Liberal Parliamentary that wanted to join the Labour Party in Government instead of the Conservatives.

He also accuses the Conservatives of being afraid of UKIP. This actually doesn’t surprise if the Conservatives are afraid of UKIP. If you look at the last council election UKIP got 25% of the vote. This has to scare the Conservatives as it the Conservative voter that they’re taking.


Because they are tougher on the issue of Immigration. This is something that’s important to the people of Britain. It’s scare mongering from the right and it’s working but people are going to UKIP so the Conservatives that to get tough on Immigration.

This what Cable is getting at.

In a recreational position the Conservatives have proposed a cap on immigration from the EU. The cap won’t work because you can’t control the movement with in the EU. I don’t think that the Conservatives have sussed that out and that why they are loosing the votes because UKIP is giving people what they want and that’s a way out of the EU and the end of immigration from the Eastern European countries.

I’m starting to think that with this is going on the Liberal Democrats are trying to play up to the Labour Party so they can wiggle there way out of the coalition. A coalition I’m guessing a lot of senior Liberal Democrats didn’t want. I can also imagine that a certain section of the Liberals are running for the leadership because they see Nick Clegg not getting back in to Parliament in 2015.

Cable can talk all he wants but the Liberal Democrats have gone to bed with the devil and for the Coalition he can’t make these remarks but I’m sure not going to try and stop him because I really enjoy watching him rip Cameron apart bit by bit.


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