Storm Damage Disrupts Travel As More Storms Hit The UK

Thousands of people have had their Christmas travel plans disrupted and thousands of home are still with out power as severe weather has hit the UK for a 2nd day.

So it looks like the weather has ruined many peoples Christmas. Well I hope it’s proud of itself because there are going to be many miserable people.

Again a person has been swept away by a river and died. He was jumping in to the river to save his dog. The man died in hospital after being saved by the emergency services but you’ll be happy to find out that the dog was unharmed. It’s a bit ironic.

A thousand homes have been with out power for over 24 hours. Again it proves how we can’t deal with the weather. A storm comes about and we can’t keep power on. Again like I said yesterday it’s pathetic, we should have dealt with stuff like this but we haven’t.

Then it’s affected travel across the United Kingdom. Gatwick has been with out power and roads have been flooded while trains have been unable to run a proper service.

The flooding has to be the worst of it. The fact it’s happened at this time of year has made what would be normally bad in to an apocalyptic event.

This has to go down as the worst Christmas for years and we’ll soon be getting very bad snow so the coming months will be even more fun.


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