Storms Return To Batter UK

Gales have returned to the UK causing further disruption to the Power network and to the transport system.

And this is day five of the great Christmas storm and what has improved? Well it seems like nothing has. There are parts of the country are still under water and there are still thousands of houses with out power.

You’ve got to ask yourself what is going on? Why can’t the energy companies and the people in the authorities actually get things moving with in a day or so?

My thought is that it’s Christmas and the Civil Service aren’t running for 3 day plus the weekend. The Local Councils should have been on this and sorted it out as quickly as possible. It’s Christmas and it’s been ruined.

I know you can’t stop flooding but you could really move on this and make sure you could try and prevent it.

The funny thing is that David Cameron has been visiting the flood sites and has got it in the neck.

I agree with the a head of state visiting a place of disaster but if you’re Mr Cameron I would try and avoid any where especially if you’re as unpopular as Cameron.

He got it in the neck from a person who believed that her council has done nothing. I actually feel sorry for him as he can’t control this stuff. The poor woman should have had a got at the head of her Council.

He has said that we need to learn from this and I’ve been trying to get this point for the last few day. He right we do need to learn from this because it will happen over and over again.

This has been going on for too long and we need to get these problems sorted out and try and defend ourselves against this for when it happens again.


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