IOC Are Confident That The Sochi Are Safe

The President Of The International Olympic Committee says he has confidence that the Sochi Winter Olympic will be safe. Mr Thomas Bach the head of the Olympics has made the reassurances after 2 suicide attacks have taken place in the Southern Russian City of Volograd.

So people are linking these attacks to the Winter Games that are taking place in a few weeks. To be honest it’s a fair assessment after rebels from the southern Russian Republics said they were going to try and stop these games.

You have got to admire the IOC for trying to reassure people that everything is going to be safe. It really does help in the confidence stakes as people will really want to see this and it’s good for the Russian image.

I don’t understand why they’ve chosen Volgograd as a target. You would think that Moscow or Saint Petersburg would be bigger targets or if they wanted to make an impact they would actually go for the Olympic themselves.

You’ve just got to wonder if the Russian Authorities are going to tighten up their security. Today has seen the 2nd bombing in 2 days. This is clearly a terror wave. The Russians won’t stand for that.

Nobody wants to see a war but I think that the Russians are going to go head long in to a conflict with Islamic rebels. Hopefully the West won’t join Russia in this war because we don’t need the Russian’s problem.

Hopefully the Olympics won’t scared by this wave of terrorism and the world can enjoy the Winter Olympics.


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