Bulgarians And Romanians Free To Work In The UK As Controls End

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are free to live and work in the United kingdom. This has come about as a curb on immigrants from these countries has been lifted for the 1st time since 2007 when the controls were put on to place.

The Eastern Europeans are coming, The Eastern Europeans are coming run for the hills. so what?

So this has been coming for the last 7 years but there seems to be a massive fan fare over it. why? We’ve known it’s been coming so why are we making a big deal over it.

Of course they’re going to come, we go over to Spain and form little versions of Britain in different parts of Spain. It’s what people want in life. Should we not expect them to come? Should we not expect people to go over to Spain or France?

They are valid questions

I just love how the right wing have gone crazy and already began to demonize them. You’d think that they are going take all of our jobs and then spread the plague.

Well Daily Mail I don’t think that’s going to happen.

They’ve come to work and I don’t mind them doing that. If they’re going to pay in to the system then come on over, I’m not going to complain but if you’re coming to not work because you don’t want stay in your own country. I’ve said it before that if you can’t work then come back or go back to the country you live in and that counts for Brits.

They don’t know how many people will come to Britain but come to Britain and enjoy what you’re entitled from this country. Trust me a lot more British people take a lot more then they deserve.


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