Flooding Continues To Threaten UK Amid High Tides

High tides and strong winds have brought floods to Wales, Scotland and Western England. Officials warn of further problems to the United Kingdom as further severe weathers are set to hit the UK.

They said it was going to be a bad winter and they weren’t wrong. However they did say it was going to be a hundred days of snow. So they were wrong at that account but I’m holding on to hope of snow.

You get the feeling that this is going to be a lot worse than the last set. There’s a danger to people’s lives but you would think that in weather like this you would stay away from bodies of water. To me that’s just common sense.

The question must be asked have we learnt anything from over Christmas?

I hope we have but some how I really think we haven’t because this is Britain and we always seem to have the same problems when it comes to the weather. We just have the same problems year in and year out.

At least you can’t deny that Global Warming is happening. The weather the last few years has been so topsy turvy there really is no denying it.

Like I said that this isn’t going to get any better but you have to hope that they get over these tragedies in the near future.


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