Mark Duggan ‘Lawfully Killed’

Mark Duggan was lawfully killed. An inquest jury found the officer involved in the case of Mark Duggan’s murder not guilty. Duggan’s death caused widespread rioting back in 2011.

Well let’s get this one thing straight, Duggan was murdered by the police and it was not a lawful killing.

Why did they kill him?

Probably because he was young and black. They could claim that he was in to organised crime and they would be believed. It’s sad really because if it was a white English kid, one he would not have been killed he would have been arrested and two if he was shot the police officer in question would have been found guilty. However the police closed ranks and no body was prosecuted.

So yeah I believe that Duggan was unlawfully killed.

There is way to many questions involved. Like was the gun planted or did he throw it out of the window. The gun was 20 feet away from the car that Duggan was riding in. He was unarmed and was still shot. Personally I believe that the gun was planted there to make it look like he was dangerous. Even if he had thrown it out of the window he would not have been threat and wouldn’t have been needed to be shot.

But Police covering up stuff is common. Look at Plebgate and The Hillsborough Disaster. They’ve all been covered up and the public have been lied to in these cases. Why not do it again. Nobody will know the truth until it comes out in a few months time or even a few years.

Not like anyone will care then. Oh wait we will.

Will anybody have faith in the Police in the near future? My answer is probably not.

This really is a tragic story and the worse thing about it is that there is a mother with out a son and children with out a father. The Police could have made their life’s easier by just arresting Duggan instead of killing him.


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