Plebgate Officer Admits Misconduct

A police officer has admitted misconduct in the Plebgate affair. PC Keith Willis has admitted falsely claiming that he witnessed a row between Andrew Mitchell a former cabinet minister and the police back in September 2012.

Well it’s not really been a good few days for the Police. Firstly people think they’ve got away with murder over the Mark Duggan case and now a serving officer has admitted to lying to the authorities in a very high profile case.

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,

The trust in the police is slowly getting eroded away. There’s going to be a point where we actually just don’t trust them at all. Can you really blame us either? They’ve clearly lied or more than one account. They’ve also destroyed a man’s reputation.

If this really is about Police Reform then it’s bloody stupid. They’re trying to save themselves from eventual cuts but they’ll destroy themselves because nobody will trust them.

So Willis has admitted to lying to the authorities. Well he’s an idiot for doing it in the first place. It’s pointless him doing it at all. He’s been proven to the world he’s a lair, he’s made the police untrustworthy and he’s going to send himself to jail.

But well done for confessing to your crime. That has set a good example.

Mitchell must been feeling more exonerated from this. He’s been proven right and even though his reputation is partly ruined he can crawl some of it back.

The Police really need to look at themselves after the last couple of days and take stock and make themselves better for the country to see. Make themselves better in the public eye.

This whole fiasco has been a massive embarrassment not just for the police but for the whole country as a while. Let’s hope that we can put this stupid affair behind us move on. We need to trust the police so it time for the police be more trustworthy


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