Osborne Wants An Above Inflation Rise In The Minimum Wage

Chancellor George Osbourne has said he wants to see an above inflation rise in the National Minimum Wage. The British Chancellor made this confession to the BBC’s Nick Robinson earlier today.

I thought I’d never see this happen but a Conservative like Osbourne wants a rise in the National Minimum Wage. I know again it sounds glib but I am actually surprised that this has been mentioned.

Osbourne is right though with the rise in the economy we can afford to do that. Putting it up to over £7 is also a really good idea especially as every thing is going up.

There’s a point when you have to look the previous government and this one for letting this happen. They’re suggesting a pay rise but it’s them who has screwed the economy.

Yup I’m blaming them for the inflation that has happened to the country over the last few years.

I’m going to love to see how the Labour Party make this out to be a bad idea. How this doesn’t go far enough for the working people and how it only effects the top 1% of people.

Finally something is happening that is positive for the working person. It’s a great start of great thing to some I hope.


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