Overnight Search For Missing 3 Year Old Mikaeel Kular

Police Officers continue their search for a 3 year old boy that went missing in Edinburgh on Thursday morning. Police Scotland are looking for Mikaeel Kular who went missing from his home over Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

It’s another missing child. It’s an unfortunate fact that when children going missing they usually end up dead. I have the horrible feeling that this is sadly going to be another one of those cases.

It’s a bit weird that he gone missing from his own bedroom. So you think that he’s been kidnapped by somebody out of his own bed or he been kidnapped by his own parents. Both ideas seem to be a horrific idea but they have happened in the past.

If he ends up dead I really hope that the Conservatives or The Daily Mail don’t use this for their own gains. Trust me I can see the Mail using this to push some ultra right wing ideology that they have in mind.

However on a positive note its great to see people helping the police in their search. It’s something like this that brings people together. It also shows thats people will pull together in a time of need.

I think that the world will hope that this child we be found. Probably for different reasons but we hoe that his mother gets her child back.


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