Unemployment Drops To 7.1%

The UK unemployment rate has sharly dropped to 7.1%. This is close to the point at which the Bank Of England will consider raising the rate of inflation.

I’m not going to go on about inflation on this one I’m going to concentrate on the Unemployment drop.

They bring these figures out every 3 months and I’m wondering if they are throwing them out to rapidly. Maybe they should bring them out every six months, then it actually wouldn’t been that boring and come across as slightly over done in the political sense.

There must be a great sense of relief within the treasury. It further proof that the Conservatives economic plan s working well. Everything seems to be moving upwards for the last few months.

There’s must be massive bragging rights with in the Treasury over the last Labour Government.

So I’m not going to harp on about how good it is for the economy that we have more jobs. That’s just basic common sense.

I am going to ask… do we trust Labour with the economy again? Not with the Eds in charge. They’ve screwed up the economy and I personally wouldn’t let them near any public money or public spending if I could help it.

It’s great to see these figures go down and down. Let’s hope that they drop further down and we can get more people in to work in Britain.


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