Patience Needed On Economy

David Cameron has said that the British people should be patient on the Economy recovery. The British Prime Minister made the comments during an interview with the BBC where he said that the Economy must be balanced between the North and South of the country.

It’s great to see Cameron is making these comments in Switzerland. To be fair his is there for an Economic Forum.

In this modern economic climate where people are still feeling the pinch of the recession it’s great to see Cameron being realistic about when we’re going to recover from this mess.

There has been some really bad time for people and the Conservatives have made some really unpopular choices but it seems to being working. The economy is going up and unemployment is going down.

They must be doing something right?

I want to see the Labour Party’s economic plan because it felt like they wanted the economy to be up and running with in a year or so. Granted they managed to destroy the economy in that amount of time anyway.

Again it’s great to see the economy to going up and politicians talking sense about the economy. It feels like a fresh breeze of air.


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