UK Pay Rising In Real Terms Says Coalition

Most of UK workers have raised in real terms over the last year. Figures produced show that the the raise in pay is 2.5% once the tax cuts are taken into account.

Really Mr Cameron Really?

I know there is something a bit shocking when I find myself agreeing with Ed Milliband. These figures can not be right, there is no chance people’s pay are not significantly raising especially when it come in to inflation.

Nobody can deny that fact.

It looks like Cameron is trying to boost his economic plan and the cuts. There’s boosting it and then there is bare faced lying.

People’s are feeling the pinch around the most of Britain. I know that London and the South East are seeing a boom. Yeah so I can imagine that there pay is a significant raise in their wage.

As for the rest of the county I pretty much doubt it.

I will be interesting to see what comes out of this summat in Switzerland and the next bare faced lie from David Cameron.


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