Labour To Reintroduce The 50p Tax Rate If They Get Back In To Power

Labour would reintroduce the 50p tax rate for those earning over £150,000. The Shadow Chancellor said the Labour would introduce the tax rate if they won the General Election next year.

So let play Bash….A person who earns money.

I’m actually sick of this bash a banker, bash an energy firm and now it’s bash anybody who earns more than a politician. It’s sad and it’s pathetic.

Taxing the rich to give to the poor, I don’t know if Labour see themselves as a modern Robin Hood or the champions of the benefit people. Seriously I would love to know because they really can’t be fans of the British Economy.

If you tax the crap out of people what going to happen? Oh yes they’re going to move their ban accounts to Monaco or The Isle Of Man. you know one of those wonderful tax havens where the British Government can’t touch it or they’re going to move their Business to one of those places were the British Government can’t touch it.

Raising taxes will not help the British Economy.

But let’s face it would you trust ED Balls with the Economy? Well I wouldn’t. He screwed it up before and by the sounds of this he’s trying to force big companies out of the country.

Maybe he could create so phony cartels for the British to hate so he can wage war them and buy some British votes. Yes he’s trying to buy votes.

Well done to Labour for creating another rubbish Economic strategy that will only lead us back down the path of Economic Disaster. It’s much needed.


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