Lloyds Banking Group Customers Hit By Card Problems

Lloyds Banking group has said it has fixed problems to their ATMS. Customer’s of the Britain’s largest banking group had problems when trying to use their debit cards at ATM machines.

So it’s not been a good Sunday for the Lloyds group today.

This has been the second time in about 3 or 4 months where a bank has had a problem with their systems. I know you can’t expect these companies to fore see problems with their IT systems but you could expect them to predict it might happen.

This happening twice in the space of a few months can not really be good for the banking sector.

Not like people have no trust in the banking sector anyway. The banking collapse and the constant barrage of abuse from the Labour Party really hasn’t helped people confidence in the financial system.


The CEO of the Lloyds group has tweeted his apology over this. It’s amazing what people can do over social media. Granted he took to a rubbish platform to do it. I’d actually be surprised if the average Twitter user knows who he is or actually follows him on twitter.

It seems a little redundant.

So again the Banking sector has been delivered a small blow but because we need them, the sector will move on and we’ll forget about it soon.


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