Coulson Was Told About Phone Hacking Skills

A former journalist has told the courts how he had an interview with Andy Coulson where they discussed phone hacking. Dan Evans a former Journalist with the Daily Mirrors told how He and Coulson had an informal interview where they talked about his Phone Hacking skills.

I love the revelations that have come out of the Phone Hacking case.

It’s went a bit quiet for a while. Granted we’ve had floods, 2 world leaders have died and Iran has integrated further in to normal society. This case is fun though because it’s dragging worms out of News Corps closet and that fun to watch.

So it looked like Coulson did know and encouraged phone hacking.

If he’s had interviews with Journalists from other daily newspapers and those said journalist are willing to talk about it then it’s not really looking good for Brooks and Coulson.

The fact he spoke to this person in-particular about phone hacking is making Coulson look worse and worse as this trial progresses.

You’ve just got to wonder if there’s a point where the two of them are going to sensibility change their plea to guilty. It’s been proven that the News Of The World did hack phones and now it looks more likely that Coulson did know. I think that the jig is up for Coulson.

I think it’s time for a confession and to end this trial before Coulson’s and Brook’s reputation is ruined completely. It’s time to save face for their own reputations, well what’s left of them.


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