UK Economy Growing At Fastest Rate Since 2007

The Office of National Statistics has said that the UK Economy has grown by 1.7%. This is the strongest rate of growth since 2007.

Well isn’t this another string to George Osbourne’s bow.

There must be a massive sense of screw you over Labour right about now because it seems that the Conservatives’s plans have actually worked. I thought they had gone to far sometimes but it seems to be working.

If the Economy is growing then it’s time to put some money in to the country. Pump it in to helping businesses grow and employ more people.

Yes I do believe that helping the private sector is the best way to help the economy grow.

This however makes you ask… how bad was Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling at managing the economy from 2007 to 2010.

Honestly since Brown took over the Prime Ministers office and Darling took over the Treasury it seemed like we were doing fine and then the economy collapsed.

This is why I don’t trust the Labour Party with the economy.

So it looks like the Economy is on the up and things are getting better. Here’s hoping that it will get better even more and we can see another vibrant economy like we had before the crash actually happened.


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