Prince Charles Says Flood Delay Is A Tragedy

Prince Charles has said the delayed response to the Somerset flood was a tragedy. The 1st in line to the British Throne made the comments as he visited the Somerset Levels today.

Joy what we need is a member of the Royal Family making comments on the situation. A man who has and who will never suffer tragedy like this commenting about how much of a tragedy this is.

Not that these poor people have suffered enough over the last few weeks they now have a pointless member of mankind telling them that they have suffered. They already know they’ve suffered enough they don’t need somebody to tell them that.

This is one of those times the Royals should keep mouths shut, like every other moment in their lives.

So it looks like this flooding is going to carry on for a while. I don’t think that the people in Somerset are going to carry on suffering with this.

Yes the Government should have done something sooner but they’ve reacted the best they could. These did start during the festive break.

This really has been a massive screw up on the Environment Agencies behalf but what can they really do when it constantly raining.I do feel sorry for them but there’s not much that you can do when it doesn’t stop raining the weather that causes flooding.


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