UK Storms Destroy Rail Line

Parts of the UK have been hit by a major storm. This storm has destroyed a rail line and forced people out of their homes whilst leaving thousands of people without power.

Finally these storms have got interesting again.

It’s destroyed a part of the infrastructure of the country. It’s destroyed a part of a wall and left a major train line hanging in the air. It will be interesting to see if the train companies or who ever is in charge of maintaining tracks can get this little problem fixed. I’m thinking it’s going to be a while.

This is seriously going to hamper Rail travel. I wouldn’t be surprised if this problem hit’s the local economy rather badly.

They’ve also evacuated people from their homes. We’ve seen it before. The Government have said they can’t hold the water back and they have had to relocate people. Somebody call king Kanute, he might be able to help.

I know that’s sarcastic but the slow response time from the authorities do deserve that kind of sarcasm.

Cameron has had his first Cobra meeting to deal with the problem. The first one of 2014. They’re giving money for flood works. I’m guessing that’s flood defenses and dredging the rivers that have been effected. Let’s face it it’s too little too late. The Government could have done something earlier than this. However these storm keep on coming so it will probably be been done as soon as possible.

But it’s been a little slow.

I’m going to look forward to seeing what happens next if it keeps on destroying the infrastructure of the country.


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