Anger At Environment Chief In Flood Hit Somerset

The head of the Environment Agency has been accused of ‘Letting Everyone down’ by angry residents of the Somerset Levels. Angry people have made the accusation towards Lord Chris Smith as he visited the flood hit county of Somerset.

Sweeping statement time.

Smith has let everybody down in this flood situation. He hasn’t let me down. no, no, no. This is a group of angry Southerners who have had enough of what’s happened to them so they’re trying to take it out on him.

There have been people down in the South who have called for his head. Should he really do that? he said he won’t so good for him. Why should he resign because of the storm.

Granted you could call the response slow but the weather hasn’t really helped the people who are trying to get out and help them. There has been storm after storm and there is going to be storm after storm so the situation isn’t going to get any better.

Smith really was kind of creating a kamikaze move by going down to Somerset. They were going to be angry with him they think he’s screwed up. However he really had to go down there. He needed to show his face, it was a bad choice but he really had to do it.

Shame really

So they’ve managed to put a face to the devil, shame the devil is actually trying to help people in need but let’s victimize him.


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