Immigration Minister Resigns Over Cleaner’s Visa

Immigration Minister Mark Harper has resigned from the Government. The Conservative Minister has had to leave his job because his cleaner did not have permission to work in the United Kingdom.

How ironic

So there will be a massive set of people who will be celebrating over this. This has to be the most embarrassing thing for a minister who is in charge of immigration. Granted it could be that somebody close to him was an illegal immigrant and he didn’t know. This is pretty embarrassing though.

You’ve just got to wonder how embarrassing this is for the Conservatives. They’ve been trying to be strong on Immigration and people coming over from Eastern Europe. I’d love to see the Labour Party to use this to their advantage. Oh and I think that they’re going to do that.

With the Election coming up in a years time has this damaged the Conservatives re-election credibility. They have to look stupid after all this and it doesn’t help them that their coalition partners are constantly pick at them. I don’t think that it will damage them too much but it could see more of their swing votes from 2010 go to another party. The more raciest ones.

There’s nothing like a person cocking up in Politics, it also incredibly fun too watch.


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