Cameron ‘Money Is No Object When It Comes To Flood Relief

David Cameron has said that money is no object when if comes to relief and aid to help the people who are hit by the floods. The British Prime Minister made his pledge today as more storms hit the South West Of England as new Storms threaten the Midlands.

Floods Watch: Yup I saw a map of how far down the line these floods are and it’s getting closer to Central London. In fact I think it’s with in the M25 limits now. Not long to go before it hits Westminster.

A friend of mine on Facebook noted that this move has come as the flood has come closer to Central London. I really think people on London must be bricking it. There is no doubting that this isn’t a coincidence. They’re trying to save their own physical backs here.

Money is not an object… That’s funny because they’re having to cut £25 billion from the Welfare budget. So money isn’t an object unless you’re claiming Jobseekers or Housing Benefits maybe. If you’re rich then money isn’t an object.

That’s what I feel it is to be honest. They’re Conservative voters up the Thames Valley so of course Cameron wants to help his friends in Oxfordshire who will vote for him next year. I guess that there would be a price if it was in Yorkshire or Greater Manchester (The Labour Heartland).

Cameron however did a flyby visit to everywhere in the South West today. Yup he’s been on the PR trail. It’s great to see that the Government has been able to run with him running around the South West.

I feel like I’ve tried to defend people who have been in charge of this disaster even though I’ve called them slow. I’m starting to think that they’re over there heads with this. They really don’t know what to do with this.

And the Political leaders are out to make their message be heard on the media. You know what would be good if they rolled up their sleeves and helped out in the problems. Don’t just give an interview, help people. It looks better and you’ll feel better.

I’ve said that this is going to be an interesting to watch and now Westminster is looking threatened they seem to give a crap.


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