UK River Levels Rise As Storms Sweep In

Thousands of Sandbags are being piled up to protect homes and businesses. This action comes in response to rain and gale force winds sweeping across southern Britain.

How is this still a top news story. No offence to the people who are stuck in this flooding, there’s only so much rain a person can take as a top new story. There must have been bigger and more important stories happening in the world this week or at least in the UK.

Let’s think about it…

Anyway the Rivers are swelling and the Thames is going to over spill it’s banks even more. What’s this going to result in?…

Well let’s face it all we’re going to get is more coverage from the Thames Valley, as the media survey their back gardens looking at flood waters and more politicians looking at floods in their Wellington Boots.

However the Royals have been helping out with the flood effort.

The Royals are helping out with flood defenses whilst Politicians are standing around doing nothing but pointing and staring. I don’t usually defends the royal but the Political class could really learn from Prince Harry and Prince William. It’s time for Milliband and Cameron to roll up their sleeves and help the people not just stand about waiting for sound bite opportunities.

For once in this harsh weather I can truly turn around and say that I think that Politicians should look up to the Royals and follow their example. However this country is in for more storms so they might have to start pumping water out of their Westminster flats.


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