Woman Dies From Falling Stones During Storm

A mother of three has died when falling masonry hit her taxi. Julie Stillitoe was one of two people who died as strong winds and heavy rain swept across England adding to the problems caused by previous storms and winds.

I’m actually going to feel sorry for these two people because they were 1) Doing their job and 2) on a ferry. They really couldn’t have helped being were they were when these tragic events happened.


Why were ferries going across the channel in the storm last night. Their must be some law that prevents boats going across large expanse of water especially as there were very fast winds last night in the storms.

All the politicians have sent their condolences like they do. Every tragic event and the politicians start to get a bit emotional about it. Milliband even tweeted his.

At this point if I had lost a family member I wouldn’t want condolence’s through social media or through BBC News 24. I would want to hear it in person from somebody in charge.

Not through the media.

I feels like these storms are going to keep on coming and coming and their seems to no end. Let’s see how the Government handles them because I don’t think they’ve done a good job yet.


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