Wife Of Cruise Ship Passenger That Was Killed By Wave Criticizes Ship

The widow of the man who was killed by the wave that hit the Cruise Liner has criticized the ship. The wife of the victim says that the boat she was sailing in was badly maintained.

This is the point in the story where it’s her word against the companies. Somebody will say that the wife is upset and hitting out at the boat. The majority of people will never know with out an investigation in to what happened.

The fact is there must have been something wrong with the windows.The windows were broken by a wide. Granted it was a freak wave but it couldn’t have been that strong that it could break through a window and injure over 700 people.

However the Cruise Company who own the ship has said that the boat was up to safety standards. The they would say that because they wouldn’t want to admit that their ship is falling apart.This is going to be damage control on their behalf.

Granted their is going to an investigation in to it. There has to be just to lay the blame on to somebody. Will it be a much accepted inquiry in to it. Yes to his it will be but to the rest of us it won’t seem that important.

It’s going to be one of those let’s sit and see what happens in this story and see what new safety implementations will be brought forward.


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