Block Of A Currency Union Could Hurt British Firms

Blocking the use of the pound by Scotland would harm British businesses. Alex Salmond the First Minister of Scotland said that if Westminster blocks the SNP’s plan to use of the pounf by Scotland it would harm British Business.

It’s a shame that we’ve had a great week in the Scottish Independence debate and the floods in the south of England has dominated the new coverage all week.

All three Westminster parties have come out and said they would block any move that would see the Scottish people keep the Pound if they were to declare Independence if they vote yes later this year. Funny thing is that all three parties are against the Scots being independent.

People in the Yes campaign have accused the no campaign of bullying them in to voting the way they want. This latest move it meant to be the latest move in this bullying.

I don’t know anything about economics so I don’t really know who is right. However you look at the Euro and that really has been a giant disappointment and failure were we’ve had to prop up failing economies.

I agree with Salmond, Westminster are bullying the Scot to stay with in the UK. They’ve not got any decent argument to keep the Scots within the UK so they’re just bullying people to vote their way. They’ve spent the whole time getting English people to tell them on TV that the idea of Independence was unworkable.

To be honest it’s really, really sad politics on Westminsters behalf.

Salmond has the right to put Westminster back in to it’s place and find a way to work together for an Independence that works for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.


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