EU Foreign Ministers Impose Sanctions OF Ukrainian Leaders

Foreign Minister of the European Union has placed sanctions of the Government Officials of Ukraine. The sanctions come in to place after two days of violence that have been described as violent and excessive.

Well yesterday’s truce lasted then. I think I’ve seen Israeli and Palestinian truces last longer to be honest.

So this is the response of the European Union, place sanctions on to a Government and talk about your outrage at what has happened. Typical they’re actually going to do nothing.

It’s all good sanctioning the officials of a Government but sanctions don’t actually work. There’s only one set of people that suffer during sanctions and that is the people on the ground, the common man.

While you’ve got a Government that have been seen heading for the airport to head to Russia more probably. So the West will sanction Ukrainian but they won’t suffer because they’ll be comfortably in Russia.

With 70 people dead I think, the West needs to step up their game on this. I think we need to meddle in this politically and certain European countries are trying to do this but I don’t think it’s going to work, let’s face it Russia will be doing something behind the scenes to help the Government in the Ukraine.

So the Ukraine is slowly falling in to Civil War and I don’t actually think there is anything that is going to help them.


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