Ukraine MPs Oust President Yanukoych

Members of the Ukrainian Parliament have voted to oust President Yanukoych. The move has come after the Ukrainian President signed a compromise that saw a coalition government form to reach stability in the country.

So a small minority has held up a Government for a few months and an elected president has kicked out. In the last 12 months we’ve not seen democracy, we’ve seen mob rule with Governments and Armies jumping to the aid of the small minority.

The press and the TV news doesn’t help by magnifying it.

This has to be the craziest 24 hours that have place in modern politics. I really can’t remember when a president has given the opposition some wiggle room and then they’ve kicked him out.

The President has run off to the East Of the Country and called in a Coup. Well I’ve never known a coup that hasn’t involved an army. Egypt was a coup this was political people using their vote of no confidence.

It looks like Yanukoych looks like he going to battle to the bitter end. I don’t think he’s going to lie down and take this. We thought that Civil war had been avoided yesterday but it could have been delayed while the Russians and Yanukoych can raise an army to take the country back while members of the European Union try to help their friends in the Ukraine so they can help them join the Union.

Again we’re on the verge of a civil war in Ukraine with the West taking on the East and Russia.


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