Peter Robinson Welcomes Northern Ireland Suspect Review

Northern Ireland’s First Minister has welcomed an inquiry which is set up to look in to the Letter Row. The inquiry is set up after after an IRA terrorist suspect was sent a letter telling him that he was not suspect or wanted in connection to the Hyde Park bombing in 1982.

Well look what happens when you throw your dummy out of the pram.

Robinson was probably never going to leave over this ‘scandal’. He just wanted to huff and puff over a subject and look big. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a giant power play to get a reaction out of the Government and to get them to bend to his will and need.

Well played Robinson, Well Played.

Great to see Cameron and the Government doing what they do best. Reacting to what they see in the news. They did this with the Slavery story last year and they’re doing this now. I know they really can’t be proactive when it comes out of the blue but they really should look in to trying stop the flow of Northern Irish Politicians trying to make a name for themselves on the mainland.

Robinson has done what he wanted, he’s up his name in the Political forum and dealt a blow to the Conservatives.


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