Russian Troops Accused Of Provoking Kiev

Ukraine’s Acting President has accused Russia of deploying troops in Crimea and trying to provoke Kiev in to an armed conflict. Russia has entered the southern part of Ukraine after a week of turmoil.

Well we all knew it was coming and then it happened. Russia has gone in to Ukraine.

I’m not surprised that they have done this. Ukraine has spent the last week rubbing the Russians. So what do you expect them to do. Just take it lying down, if you’re the biggest power in the area I’d make a move.

They don’t have the EU Court to help them work it out, however it wouldn’t work.

Ukraine have claimed Russia is provoking Kiev in to a war. I put it to you it’s the other way round. I think Kiev have done this to force Russia in to a war so they can run to the West and demand help from the European Union and America.

Let’s face it the right wing of Ukraine hate Russian and they’re fascist so it doesn’t if they are trying to do what I think they’re trying to do.

Britain can’t morally go in, we backed out of Syria when they needed help so we can’t help Ukraine and their people. It’s not our place anymore.

I knew this was going to happen and it has happened. Let’s just watch Ukraine split in 2 now.


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