Russian Troops Approved For Deployment In Ukraine

The upper house of Russia’s Parliament has approved President Putin’s request for troop to be deployed in Ukraine. The request comes after Russian Troops moved in the Crimea to protect Russian interests in the region.

Well if that isn’t a call to war, what is?

I can see where Putin is coming from in this and if I was the head of a Government I would be there trying to protect my people in another country especially as these peoples are having their Civil Rights stopped and their legally elected officials denounced as illegal.

Putin has said that they will only go in to stabilize the area. What is going to happen is the Russians and the Americans will end up politically splitting the country in 2 which will lead to the country being split in to 2 like Germany did during the cold war.

The Western Powers have put their 2 cents in and Obama seems to be threatening Russia with grave consequences. Obama is threatening a war against Russia. They are the only ones in the West who could fight a war. The EU doesn’t have the armies or the heart for it.

The next few days will be interesting to watch because the world is slowly slipping in to war.


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