Head Of Ukraine Navy Defects

The newly appointed head of the Ukraine Navy has sworn allegiance to Crimea. Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky has defected from the Ukraine Navy after Ukraine’s new government declared Crimea’s pro Russian head of state illegal.

Well if the head of the Navy has withdrawn his support from the Government and gone to the Russian/Crimean side you know there is something wring with the Government.

This is all to do with fact that Kiev has declared Crimea’s elected officials as illegal. Why? Because they’re pro Russian and they have asked Moscow for help.

Another move anti democratic move against the Russians and Russian people with in Ukraine. To be honest I’m not surprised by this, this government really is a nasty piece of work and they really are trying to rub Russia the wrong way let alone make Russians second class citizens.

Yet the West still back them this Ukraine government.

Nato has called for Russia to pull out of the region or suffer the Consequences so to speak. IT’s shocking me. Nato countries see this happen and they still back a right wing parliament that will become a dictatorship.

But hack on these people are Pro EU and pro-western so they’re all friends to us in the west. It’s been 20 plus years since the cold war and nothing really changes does it. We still bacl countries that will do our whim against the Russians.

We are falling further and further in to war and it looks like there will be plenty of people who will back a Russian Army more than a Ukraine army (In Ukraine) when the time comes.


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