Russia Fires Missile

Russia has fired a Missile. The Russian Army has said they have test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. This test comes as tensions continue you to rise in Crimea.

This really wasn’t the best move from Russia. The world is meant to be on the brink of war and the Russia fire an intercontinental missile. Yup that was clever.

Or you could call it a very silly move.

Don’t fear they don’t the Americans that they were going to do it.Why? because they had to tell the yanks due to the fact it’s part of a arms treaty that the two countries have.

This really has been a non story that has been blown out of all proportions.

Some how I think the news has now tried to blow everything out of proportion now. Maybe it’s calming down.

On Yesterday’s story the Russians didn’t fire on the Ukraine troops. I told you it was all hog wash.


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