Ukraine Talks Set To Continue After Tough First Day

American Secretary of State has described a first day of talks with his Russian Counterpart as tough. Western powers have met with representatives of Russia in Paris to try and ease tensions over the Ukraine crisis.

I love how the world can edge closer to the point of destruction and then the world powers step in and have a chin wag. It’s been a week since the Russians went in to Crimea to protect it’s intentions and people in the region then after a few heated words they all sit down a talk it out.

No offense you could have done this earlier. They did the exact same thing with Syria in the summer and they’re doing it again.

I know we won’t get it but the only thing I would call a success from these talks would be the removal of the current Government and the reinstatement of the President that was overthrown a few days ago.

Somehow I don’t think I’ll get that. Somehow i think that the Russians will get Crimea and the current Government will stay in power. We might see the split of Ukraine but to be honest I really think that might be a small chance.

We have started the peace talks and it will be time until we see what come happen. However I think we could see a change to Europe and the powers behind the Geography.


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