Police Chief Vows To Restore Faith In Met After New Lawrence Row

The head of the Metropolitan Police has vowed to restore peoples faith in force. This promise has come about after it was revealed that the Police Officers were forced to spy on the Lawrence family after their son’s death to discredit the family.

So the fall out from this latest twist in the Stephen Lawrence is now being felt.

David Cameron wants inquiry in to the whole incident, the police are meant to be incredibly damaged by this whole saga.

Cameron wants an inquiry…come on not another one. What this country doesn’t need is a inquiry. Yes what the police didn’t was very morally wrong but do we need another public inquiry. It really does feel like that every time somebody sneezes or hurts themselves we need to have another inquiry.

Please stop.

On To Hogan-Howe

Dear god he’s opened his mouth at the wrong again. When you need a member of the police to keep their mouths shut for a few days before making a comment, Hogan-Howe goes on to the BBC and makes a comment about the situation.

No, just No. Go off into a dark room and keep quite until the originally uproar is over. It will do your imagine a lot more good than making a comment the day after your police department is shown doing something very, very wrong.

Hogan-Howe never ceases to to amaze me with his inappropriate timing. He should just keep quite.


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