Vietnam Probes ‘Missing Jet Debris’

Vietnamese Navy Planes have spotted what could be wreckage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. Official have said they found pieces of wreckage in the ocean but could not be sure if the items were from the plane as they were too dark.

The plane now been missing for nearly two days now they think they might have some wreckage or debris. Some how this doesn’t look good.

I think it’s safe to say that the plane went down in the Ocean and this is now a mission to recover the dead. Very sad indeed.

There have been two interesting facts come out of this case today.

1) The plane had turned back before it went missing
2) Two people got on to the plane with stolen Passports

So the plane turned back…

I’m guessing that the plane went off course reverse and head back to where it was heading from or it was going to a new location where it was going to be used as ransom or get used for a terrorist attack.

Then the stolen Passports

I would have put that down to a coincidence if the plane hadn;t gone missing and two of the passengers were Italian and Austrian. The same nationality of two passengers who had the Passports stolen and didn’t make the flight.

I smell something fishy.

This is a premeditated thing and I’ll expect terrorist or the Chinese will have something to do with this as they blame the Japanese so they have a reason to go to war.

Sadly this story is going to have many more twists in it and we are going to watch in horror as they unfold.


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