China Has New ‘Debris’ Clue regarding Missing Malaysian Plane

Satellite images of possible debris have been released by the Chinese Authorities. The debris could be part of the missing Malaysian Airlines play that went missing on Saturday. The images have been released through the Chinese Government’s website.

This has to be the most significant clue that has been presented over the last few days. It’s been about 5 days now since the plane went down and this is the strongest clue we’ve got.

Sadly I think it will come to nothing, it’s look like a massive find but I really think that like the last 2 clues it will come to nothing.

People have speculated about what has happened to the plane. If this piece of debris is a part of the plane it look like it suddenly blew up. This then asks what was wrong with the plane because the people in that plane seemed to be fine and there was no problems to the plane.

This is going to bring up one conclusion. There’s going to blame terrorists, a plane blows up and there’s no problems before hand. Yeah it looks like one thing happened there.

Why has China waited so long to reveal these pictures? ]

They should have released the pictures days before it might have helped the hunt for the plane. It ‘s like they knew what they were looking for. I’m going back to my original idea that they are going to use this plane disaster as a catalyst to go to war.

So it looks like everybody’s worst fears regarding this mystery has been realized. It’s now time for a timeline to be created so we can find out the whole picture.


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