Four Feared Dead In Helicopter Crash

Four people are feared dead after a Helicopter crash. The crash has happened this evening in a remote part for Norfolk.

The helicopter was a civilian air craft and has crashed just outside Gillingham.

Thank god it wasn’t over a city, it was over countryside. When you think about the crash in Glasgow you have to remember the horror of what happened their. The fact that this crash is in the countryside is actually a god send.

It sounds a bit glib but at least it’s only four people. You look again at Glasgow and it was a lot higher. It’s a sad thought to think about but it’s the only good thing to come out of a very bad situation.

The thing we need to look at now is Helicopter Safety. I know that through out Helicopter history there probably hasn’t that many crashes compared to car crashes but this is the second one we had in the last few months.

Maybe there’s a serious problem with Helicopter we might need to know about.

This is one of those stories that will unfold over the next few day. We’ll have to sit here and hope for the best.


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