Ed Milliband Leads Tributes Towards To Tony Benn

Labour leader Ed Milliband has lead the tributes for former Labour politician Tony Benn. The popular and conversational today died in the early hours of today at the age of 88.

We’ve lost one of the great names in British Politics, this has been the second one with in 12 months. It’s sad really because with all the great ones going we’re going to be left with all the rubbish ones.

They are rubbish now and they’re a bit rubbish in the Labour Party. You just hope that the Labour party can find politicians like the ones they have had of old because this current lot are no very good.

Back to Tony Benn

They’re has been the usual gushing remarks made by the usual political classes but that what you would expect.

I have to give credit to Denis Healey for not being gushing. He actually called Benn Decisive. It’s great to hear that from a person in politics because it’s fresh.

Tony Benn was a great politican and did some brilliant work whilst in Parliament. It’s a great sad day in politics.


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